How to Write Perfect Amazon Affiliate Guides

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Finally, an e-book that provides value you can use from day one!

I do not think there is anyone amongst us who has not fallen prey to a guru’s e-book of promises. From starting your own 12-figure SMMA agency to becoming a 17-figure Amazon seller.

I have seen it all, and admittedly bought it all. No matter what e-book I got through, I always thought the same thing…

‘There was not enough value in this, for the price’

My skills are in writing, not bad for someone who failed high school English and as many of you know, I now make a decent side earning from being a content writer.

I specialize in Amazon affiliate product guides and I have created a method which, if you follow, you will be able to write great affiliate guides with zero experience.

This method is suitable for people who are new to writing, writers who would like to learn a new skill for another line of income, and anyone who owns an Amazon affiliate site should own a copy of this book.

You will learn;

  • How to Structure your Content
  • How to Write Product Descriptions
  • How to Find the pros and cons
  • How to Write an Introduction
  • How to Write a Buyers Guide
  • Article SEO

And finally, I have included a four thousand word example at the end.

I know what you’re thinking, why would I give away a guide which shows you exactly how to write content, which would make more competition for me?

Well, I believe, there is enough work to go around. I see a lot of writers struggle with converting their skills to writing affiliate content and I see people who simply cannot afford to outsource content but are trying to break their way into IM.

Some of the questions I see asked most often are; ‘how do I write content on subjects I know nothing about’ ‘how should I structure my content’ ‘What about SEO’

This guide answers all of those questions, and more.

It literally spoonfeeds you on how to write guides on niches, and products you have zero experience or even interest in.

I know this guide will provide you with the value I feel I never received from the countless e-books I bought over the years.